1. Alarming
2. Appalling
3. Chilling
4. Dire
5. Dreadful
6. Formidable
7. Frantic
8. Hair-Raising
9. Horrifying
10. Intimidating
11. Menacing
12. Nerve-Racking
13. Panic-Stricken
14. Petrifying
15. Scary
16. Shuddering
17. Startling
18. Terrifying
19. Threatening
20. Unnerving
21. Unsettling
22. Awesome
23. Direful
24. Direful
25. Hideous
26. Horrendous
27. Monstrous
28. Ominous
29. Panic-Making
30. Shocking

Searching for synonyms for the word «frightening» can be a daunting task. However, the best ideas for finding the right words to express the concept of fear and terror are to look for other words for «frightening». Some of the most popular synonyms for this word include alarming, appalling, chilling, dire, dreadful, formidable, frantic, hair-raising, horrifying, intimidating, menacing, nerve-racking, panic-stricken, petrifying, scary, shuddering, startling, terrifying, threatening, unnerving, unsettling, awesome, direful, hideous, horrendous, monstrous, ominous, panic-making, and shocking. Each of these words is perfect for expressing the concept of fear and terror in a variety of contexts.