1. Candid
2. Forthright
3. Open
4. Outspoken
5. Aboveboard
6. Blunt
7. Direct
8. Plain
9. Point-blank
10. Straightforward
11. Unconcealed
12. Unvarnished
13. Straight
14. Artless
15. Genuine
16. Honest
17. Naive
18. Natural
19. Openhearted
20. Plain-spoken
21. Sincere
22. Spontaneous
23. Unaffected
24. Unpretentious
25. Upright
26. Unreserved
27. Uninhibited
28. Unconstrained
29. Unsophisticated
30. Unfiltered

Finding the right synonym for the word «Frankie» can be tricky. It’s important to find a word that conveys the same meaning with the same level of intensity. The best ideas for synonyms for «Frankie» include words such as candid, forthright, open, outspoken, aboveboard, blunt, direct, plain, point-blank, straightforward, unconcealed, unvarnished, straight, artless, genuine, honest, naive, natural, openhearted, plain-spoken, sincere, spontaneous, unaffected, unpretentious, upright, unreserved, uninhibited, unconstrained, unsophisticated, and unfiltered. These words all have similar meanings as «Frankie» and can be used in place of the word to convey the same message.