1. Remnants
2. Scraps
3. Splinters
4. Divisions
5. Segments
6. Particles
7. Pieces
8. Segments
9. Chunks
10. Splits
11. Bits
12. Shards
13. Atoms
14. Molecules
15. Snippets
16. Excerpts
17. Excerptions
18. Clippings
19. Sections
20. Morsels
21. Portions
22. Fragmentations
23. Clusters
24. Particulates
25. Crumbs
26. Chippings
27. Fractions
28. Parcels
29. Cuttings
30. Fragmentations

When looking for synonyms for the word fragments, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. The best ideas are to start with the basics and move up from there. Common synonyms for fragments include remnants, scraps, splinters, divisions, segments, particles, pieces, snippets, excerpts, and excerptions. Other words for fragments could include chunks, splits, bits, shards, atoms, molecules, clippings, sections, morsels, portions, fragmentations, clusters, particulates, crumbs, chippings, fractions, parcels, and cuttings. All of these words can be used to describe the same thing, but the one that best fits your needs may vary depending on the context. Take the time to explore the various synonyms for fragments and find the one that best suits your needs.