1. Disintegration
2. Division
3. Breakdown
4. Disjunction
5. Separation
6. Splintering
7. Disruption
8. Detachment
9. Partition
10. Segmentation
11. Subdivision
12. Dispersal
13. Dispersedness
14. Dissociation
15. Atomization
16. Disunion
17. Disaggregation
18. Divarication
19. Dividedness
20. Diversion
21. Fission
22. Schism
23. Splitting
24. Sundering
25. Disuniting
26. Fragmenting
27. Scission
28. Disseverance
29. Segmentalization
30. Disintegrating

When it comes to the best ideas for synonyms for the word «fragmentation», there are many different possibilities. From «disintegration» and «division» to «disjunction» and «separation», there are numerous words that can be used to describe the process of fragmentation. Other words for fragmentation include «breakdown», «disruption», «detachment», and «partition», while more specific terms such as «segmentation», «subdivision», and «dispersal» can be used for more detailed descriptions. Additionally, terms such as «atomization», «disunion», and «disaggregation» can be used to describe the more specific aspects of fragmentation. Finally, words such as «divarication», «dividedness», and «diversion» can be used to describe the consequences of fragmentation. All of these words can be used to effectively describe the concept of fragmentation, making them great ideas for synonyms.