1. Fourteenth
2. XIV
3. 14th
4. Fourtieth
5. Quatorzain
6. Quatorze
7. Forteen
8. Quatorzieme
9. Fouteen
10. 14
11. Quattuordecim
12. Quattuordecimality
13. XIVth
14. Fourteens
15. Fouteenth
16. Quatorzième
17. Quattuordecimo
18. Quattuordecennial
19. Quattuordecimally
20. Quattuordecimals
21. Quattuordecimality
22. Quatorzains
23. Quatorzainship
24. Quatorzainships
25. Quatorzal
26. Quatorzally
27. Quatorzals
28. Quatorzary
29. Quatorze-ans
30. Quatorzial

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word “fourteen,” there are a variety of options available. From the more traditional terms such as “fourteenth” and “XIV” to the lesser-known “quatorzain” and “quatorze,” there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas for a writing project or just need to find another word for something, these synonyms for fourteen can help. From the more technical “quattuordecimality” to the more creative “quatorzainship,” there’s something for everyone. With the help of this list of synonyms, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs.