1. Established
2. Launched
3. Instigated
4. Inaugurated
5. Inception
6. Originated
7. Conceived
8. Instituted
9. Began
10. Commenced
11. Hatched
12. Initiated
13. Incubated
14. Pioneered
15. Grounded
16. Instituted
17. Started
18. Envisaged
19. Concocted
20. Devised
21. Formulated
22. Conceived
23. Devised
24. Fabricated
25. Initiated
26. Instituted
27. Set up
28. Grounded
29. Established
30. Initiated

When you are looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word ‘founded’, you will find a wide range of options. Established, launched, inaugurated, inception, originated, instituted, began, commenced, hatched, initiated, incubated, pioneered, grounded, devised, formulated, concocted, fabricated, set up are just some of the other words for founded that can be used in different contexts. Whether you are looking for a more formal or casual word for founded, there is something to suit your needs. From established to initiated, these synonyms for founded will help you to communicate your message in the most effective way.