1. Biweekly
2. Quindecennial
3. Semimonthly
4. Semi-fortnightly
5. Fortnightly
6. Bimonthly
7. 14 days
8. Two weeks
9. Half a month
10. Quindecad
11. Bi-monthly
12. Quinzaine
13. Half a lunar month
14. Fifteen days
15. Second half of a month
16. Bi-fourteen-night
17. Biseptcentennial
18. Quinzennial
19. Triweekly
20. Two lunar weeks
21. Fourteen nights
22. Semi-bimonthly
23. Half a septcentenary
24. Quincennial
25. Quaternary
26. Biseptcentennially
27. Quaternally
28. Biweekly
29. Quater-fortnight
30. Half a biseptcentenary

When looking for synonyms for the word ‘fortnight’, it’s important to consider the best ideas and words to use in order to communicate the same meaning. A fortnight is a period of two weeks, and there are many other words that can be used to describe it. Some of the best synonyms for ‘fortnight’ include biweekly, quindecennial, semimonthly, semi-fortnightly, fortnightly, bimonthly, 14 days, two weeks, half a month, quindecad, bi-monthly, quinzaine, half a lunar month, fifteen days, second half of a month, bi-fourteen-night, biseptcentennial, quinzennial, triweekly, two lunar weeks, fourteen nights, semi-bimonthly, half a septcentenary, quincennial, quaternary, biseptcentennially, quaternally, biweekly, quater-fortnight, and half a biseptcentenary. With these synonyms, it’s easy to find the perfect word to communicate the same meaning as ‘fortnight’, no matter the context.