1. Recipe
2. Equation
3. Algorithm
4. Prescription
5. Procedure
6. Protocol
7. Technique
8. Plan
9. Process
10. Method
11. Precept
12. Directive
13. Maxim
14. Rule
15. Axiom
16. Formulaic
17. Blueprint
18. Regimen
19. Proportion
20. Canon
21. Measure
22. Theorem
23. Motto
24. Maxim
25. Postulate
26. Principle
27. System
28. Strategy
29. Presumption
30. Law

When looking for a succinct way to describe a process or procedure, one of the best ideas is to use a synonym for the word “formula.” There are many different words that can be used to describe a formula, including recipe, equation, algorithm, prescription, procedure, protocol, technique, plan, process, method, precept, directive, maxim, rule, axiom, formulaic, blueprint, regimen, proportion, canon, measure, theorem, motto, maxim, postulate, principle, system, strategy, presumption, and law. Each of these words can be used to provide a different perspective on the same concept, making it easier to understand and explain.