1. Shaping
2. Constituting
3. Establishing
4. Creating
5. Constructing
6. Molding
7. Developing
8. Arranging
9. Framing
10. Manufacturing
11. Building
12. Assembling
13. Generating
14. Compiling
15. Making
16. Fabricating
17. Designing
18. Founding
19. Configuring
20. Constructing
21. Erecting
22. Devising
23. Forging
24. Constructing
25. Constructing
26. Composing
27. Constructing
28. Constructing
29. Modeling
30. Fitting

Finding the best ideas for forming can be difficult, but with the right synonyms, the task becomes much easier. It’s important to understand the various words that can be used to describe the same concept. For example, the words shaping, constituting, establishing, creating, and constructing all mean the same thing when it comes to forming. Other words for forming include molding, developing, arranging, framing, manufacturing, building, assembling, generating, compiling, making, fabricating, designing, founding, configuring, erecting, devising, forging, composing, constructing, modeling, and fitting. With these synonyms, it’s easy to find the best ideas for forming.