1. Constructed
2. Shaped
3. Molded
4. Built
5. Designed
6. Devised
7. Carved
8. Created
9. Composed
10. Cast
11. Established
12. Fabricated
13. Fitted
14. Framed
15. Formulated
16. Hewn
17. Invented
18. Manufactured
19. Modeled
20. Organized
21. Patterned
22. Put together
23. Raised
24. Sculpted
25. Structured
26. Tailored
27. Wrought
28. Arranged
29. Articulated
30. Assembled

When you are looking for synonyms for the word «formed», there are a variety of ideas to consider. The best words to use are constructed, shaped, molded, built, designed, devised, carved, created, composed, cast, established, fabricated, fitted, framed, formulated, hewn, invented, manufactured, modeled, organized, patterned, put together, raised, sculpted, structured, tailored, wrought, arranged, articulated, and assembled. Each of these words provide a unique way to describe something that has been formed. Whether you are writing a paper or just trying to come up with a creative phrase, these words can provide an interesting alternative to the word formed.