1. Configurations
2. Structures
3. Patterns
4. Constellations
5. Arrangements
6. Compositions
7. Designs
8. Composites
9. Setups
10. Groups
11. Clusters
12. Aggregations
13. Complexes
14. Conglomerates
15. Alliances
16. Compositions
17. Congregations
18. Assemblies
19. Collectives
20. Combinations
21. Ensembles
22. Accumulations
23. Congeries
24. Junctions
25. Mixtures
26. Unions
27. Blends
28. Fusions
29. Mergers
30. Integrations

When it comes to finding the best ideas for other words for the term «formations», there are many options to consider. Synonyms for this term include configurations, structures, patterns, constellations, arrangements, designs, composites, setups, groups, and clusters. These words can be used to describe the various ways in which objects, people, or ideas can be organized or arranged. Other words for formations include aggregations, complexes, conglomerates, alliances, compositions, congregations, assemblies, collectives, combinations, ensembles, accumulations, congeries, junctions, mixtures, unions, blends, fusions, mergers, and integrations. All of these words can help to provide a more detailed description of the formations they represent.