1. Fabricating
2. Faking
3. Counterfeiting
4. Imitating
5. Simulating
6. Framing
7. Copying
8. Reproducing
9. Duplicating
10. Shaping
11. Molding
12. Casting
13. Sculpting
14. Hammersmithing
15. Modeling
16. Constructing
17. Assembling
18. Compounding
19. Simulating
20. Falsifying
21. Fabricating
22. Moulding
23. Shaping
24. Framing
25. Making
26. Forming
27. Building
28. Creating
29. Manufacturing
30. Inventing

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «forging»? Here are the best ideas to help you find the perfect word for your project. Whether you are looking for another word for forging, other words for forging, or synonyms for forging, this list has you covered. From fabricating and faking to shaping and moulding, there are plenty of synonyms for forging to choose from. From constructing and assembling to simulating and falsifying, this list of synonyms for forging will help you find the perfect word for your project.