1. Woods
2. Groves
3. Jungles
4. Woodlands
5. Wildwoods
6. Arboretums
7. Thickets
8. Copses
9. Glades
10. Savannas
11. Plantations
12. Bushland
13. Underbrush
14. Coppices
15. Brush
16. Taigas
17. Rainforests
18. Woodlots
19. Verdure
20. Copse
21. Parkland
22. Bush
23. Wildwood
24. Orchards
25. Wilds
26. Wooded areas
27. Natural vegetation
28. Gardens
29. Woodsy areas
30. Lumberlands

Looking for synonyms for the word “forests”? Here are the best ideas! There are many different ways to refer to this natural wonder, from woods and groves to jungles and woodlands. Other words for forests include wildwoods, arboretums, thickets, copses, glades, and savannas. Plantations, bushland, underbrush, coppices, brush, taigas, and rainforests are all other words for forests as well. Woodlots, verdure, copse, parkland, bush, wildwood, orchards, wilds, wooded areas, natural vegetation, gardens, woodsy areas, and lumberlands are all synonyms for forests. No matter what you call it, forests are a beautiful part of nature that we should all strive to protect.