1. Powers
2. Might
3. Strength
4. Potency
5. Energy
6. Pressure
7. Impact
8. Authority
9. Drive
10. Influence
11. Coercion
12. Compulsion
13. Thrust
14. Momentum
15. Propulsion
16. Authority
17. Weight
18. Weightiness
19. Forcefulness
20. Muscle
21. Heft
22. Clout
23. Vigor
24. Resolve
25. Vigour
26. Impact
27. Leverage
28. Traction
29. Clench
30. Oomph

When trying to find the right words to express your ideas, it can be difficult to find the perfect phrase. Fortunately, there are many synonyms that can be used in place of the word «forces». Some of the best ideas include powers, might, strength, potency, energy, pressure, impact, authority, drive, influence, coercion, compulsion, thrust, momentum, propulsion, weight, weightiness, forcefulness, muscle, heft, clout, vigor, resolve, vigour, impact, leverage, traction, clench, and oomph. By using the right words, you can effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts to those around you.