1. Pursued
2. Heeded
3. Tailed
4. Tracked
5. Observed
6. Monitored
7. Kept up with
8. Trailed
9. Adhered
10. Traversed
11. Accompanied
12. Imitated
13. Attended
14. Chased
15. Regulated
16. Heeded
17. Submitted
18. Endured
19. Conformed
20. Ensuing
21. Succeeding
22. Succeeded
23. Came after
24. Abided
25. Progressed
26. Followed up
27. Succeed
28. Progressed
29. Succeeded
30. Observed

Finding synonyms for the word “followed” can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a variety of other words and phrases that can be used to express the same meaning. Whether you’re looking for synonyms for creative writing or need help with a crossword puzzle, having a list of synonyms for “followed” can be very useful. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “followed”: pursued, heeded, tailed, tracked, observed, monitored, kept up with, trailed, adhered, traversed, accompanied, imitated, attended, chased, regulated, heeded, submitted, endured, conformed, ensuing, succeeding, succeeded, came after, abided, progressed, followed up, succeed, progressed, succeeded, and observed. With this list of synonyms, you’ll have no trouble expressing the same meaning without using the same word.