1. Drifted
2. Glided
3. Sailed
4. Swam
5. Glided
6. Hover
7. Breeze
8. Skimmed
9. Soared
10. Winged
11. Glissade
12. Flitted
13. Cruised
14. Moved
15. Slid
16. Wafted
17. Glided
18. Slipped
19. Cruised
20. Flowed
21. Plied
22. Glided
23. Waded
24. Borne
25. Glided
26. Glided
27. Wafted
28. Flowed
29. Hovered
30. Glided

When searching for synonyms for the word “floated”, there are many ideas to consider. The best words to use include drifted, glided, sailed, swam, hovered, breeze, skimmed, soared, winged, glissade, flitted, cruised, moved, slid, wafted, flowed, plied, waded, borne, and hovered. These words can be used to describe the same action as “floated” without repeating the same word. Each of these words can be used to give a sentence more variety and to help add depth to a sentence. For example, instead of saying “the boat floated away”, one could say “the boat drifted away”. This allows the reader to better visualize the action and adds a more interesting reading experience.