1. Armada
2. Squadron
3. Convoy
4. Flotilla
5. Fleet of ships
6. Regiment
7. Contingent
8. Armament
9. Arm
10. Division
11. Squadron of ships
12. Squadron of boats
13. Host
14. Flock
15. Array
16. Group
17. Squadron of aircraft
18. Squadron of planes
19. Squadron of helicopters
20. Wing
21. Battalion
22. Navy
23. Squadron of submarines
24. Squadron of motorboats
25. Squadron of sailboats
26. Squadron of destroyers
27. Squadron of battleships
28. Squadron of cruisers
29. Squadron of aircraft carriers
30. Squadron of frigates

When you’re looking for another word for fleet, there are plenty of great ideas. Synonyms for fleet include armada, squadron, convoy, flotilla, fleet of ships, regiment, contingent, armament, arm, division, squadron of ships, squadron of boats, host, flock, array, group, squadron of aircraft, squadron of planes, squadron of helicopters, wing, battalion, navy, squadron of submarines, squadron of motorboats, squadron of sailboats, squadron of destroyers, squadron of battleships, squadron of cruisers, squadron of aircraft carriers, and squadron of frigates. All of these words can be used interchangeably with the word fleet, and they can help to broaden your vocabulary and make your writing more interesting. With so many great options, you’re sure to find the best synonym for fleet for your writing needs.