1. Banner
2. Ensign
3. Pennant
4. Standard
5. Emblem
6. Sign
7. Mark
8. Burgee
9. Streamer
10. Guidon
11. Colors
12. Jack
13. Bunting
14. Symbol
15. Pennon
16. Pendant
17. Vexillum
18. Flyer
19. Flutter
20. Swallowtail
21. Guidette
22. Burghal
23. Labarum
24. Flaunt
25. Rag
26. Hag
27. Pennoncelle
28. Flaglet
29. Emblematic
30. Flagrant

Searching for synonyms for the word “flag” can be difficult. There are many ideas and other words that can be used to describe a flag. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for the word “flag”. Banner, ensign, pennant, standard, emblem, sign, mark, burgee, streamer, guidon, colors, jack, bunting, symbol, pennon, pendant, vexillum, flyer, flutter, swallowtail, guidette, burghal, labarum, flaunt, rag, hag, pennoncelle, flaglet, emblematic, and flagrant are all great synonyms for the word “flag”. These words can be used to describe a flag in a variety of ways, making them useful for any situation. Whether you are writing a story, describing a flag in a speech, or simply looking for a new way to talk about flags, these synonyms can help.