1. Rectifying
2. Mending
3. Rectifying
4. Adjusting
5. Amending
6. Reparation
7. Remedying
8. Rectifying
9. Repairing
10. Restoring
11. Setting
12. Correcting
13. Revising
14. Tweaking
15. Patching
16. Refurbishing
17. Improving
18. Overhauling
19. Tuning
20. Alteration
21. Modifying
22. Rectifying
23. Improving
24. Redressing
25. Rectifying
26. Remaking
27. Correcting
28. Refitting
29. Rectifying
30. Reforming

If you’re looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word «fixing», you’ve come to the right place. There are many different words and phrases that can be used to describe the act of fixing something. Some of these words include rectifying, mending, adjusting, amending, reparation, remedying, repairing, restoring, setting, correcting, revising, tweaking, patching, refurbishing, improving, overhauling, tuning, alteration, modifying, remaking, refitting, and reforming. These words can be used to accurately describe the act of fixing something, no matter what the context is. Whether you’re repairing a broken item or just making a minor tweak, these words can help you accurately describe the task.