1. Fitzgeraldian
2. Fitzgeraldesque
3. F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
5. Scott Fitzgerald
6. The Great Gatsby
7. Jay Gatsby
8. Zelda Fitzgerald
9. Zelda Sayre
10. Francis Scott Fitzgerald
11. F. Scott Key Fitzgerald
12. The Jazz Age
13. The Roaring Twenties
14. The Lost Generation
15. The Beautiful and Damned
16. This Side of Paradise
17. Flappers
18. The Great American Novel
19. The Great American Dream
20. The Great American Tragedy
21. The Crack-Up
22. Tender is the Night
23. The Last Tycoon
24. Tales of the Jazz Age
25. All the Sad Young Men
26. The Vegetable
27. The Rich Boy
28. The Price Was High
29. Babylon Revisited
30. The Love of the Last Tycoon

When you are looking for synonyms for the word «FITZGERALD» you can find some of the best ideas in literature. The name Fitzgerald is synonymous with F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famous writer of The Great Gatsby and other works of the Jazz Age. Other words for Fitzgerald include Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Zelda Sayre. Other terms associated with Fitzgerald’s work include The Roaring Twenties, The Lost Generation, The Beautiful and Damned, This Side of Paradise, Flappers, The Great American Novel, The Great American Dream, The Great American Tragedy, The Crack-Up, Tender is the Night, The Last Tycoon, Tales of the Jazz Age, All the Sad Young Men, The Vegetable, The Rich Boy, The Price Was High, Babylon Revisited, and The Love of the Last Tycoon. By researching these synonyms, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the era he wrote about.