1. Initial
2. Primary
3. Foremost
4. Lead
5. Opening
6. Preceding
7. Pioneering
8. Inception
9. Premiere
10. Head
11. Prefacing
12. Antecedent
13. Prevalent
14. Antecedent
15. Preceding
16. Introductory
17. Inaugural
18. Preceding
19. Early
20. Pioneer
21. Foregoing
22. Origin
23. Prior
24. Preceding
25. Inchoate
26. Anteceding
27. Fore
28. Precedent
29. Prepositive
30. First-rate

When it comes to finding the best ideas for different words, synonyms are a great place to start. Synonyms for the word “first” can be used to give variety and depth to writing, and can help to make your writing more interesting. Some of the best synonyms for “first” include initial, primary, foremost, lead, opening, preceding, pioneering, inception, premiere, head, prefacing, antecedent, prevalent, antecedent, preceding, introductory, inaugural, preceding, early, pioneer, foregoing, origin, prior, preceding, inchoate, anteceding, fore, precedent, prepositive, and first-rate. Using these words in place of the word “first” can help to add an extra layer of meaning to your writing and make it stand out.