1. Locate
2. Track
3. Unearth
4. Discern
5. Uncover
6. Spot
7. Search
8. Pinpoint
9. Seek
10. Hunt
11. Spot
12. Discover
13. Retrieve
14. Unmask
15. Recognize
16. Unveil
17. Unfold
18. Trace
19. Scour
20. Stumble upon
21. Scan
22. Ferret out
23. Probe
24. Root out
25. Come across
26. Unearth
27. Unearth
28. Unearth
29. Dig up
30. Unearth

When trying to find the best ideas, there are many words to use in order to describe the act of searching. Synonyms for the word “find” can include locate, track, unearth, discern, uncover, spot, search, pinpoint, seek, hunt, discover, retrieve, unmask, recognize, unveil, unfold, trace, scour, stumble upon, scan, ferret out, probe, root out, come across, dig up, and more. Each of these words offers a unique way to communicate when trying to find something, and can be used to express the idea of searching for the best ideas. In order to find the best ideas, it is important to search thoroughly and use all the resources available. Utilizing synonyms for the word “find” can help to make this process easier and more efficient.