1. Fruit
2. Pome
3. Prune
4. Caper
5. Acorn
6. Date
7. Morsel
8. Raisin
9. Edible
10. Nut
11. Drupe
12. Berry
13. Plum
14. Quince
15. Gourd
16. Nub
17. Bunch
18. Snack
19. Pulp
20. Jam
21. Glean
22. Jammy
23. Figgy
24. Jam-packed
25. Succulent
26. Concentrate
27. Concentrated
28. Concentration
29. Concentrating
30. Concentrate

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word “fig”? Look no further! Here are 30 different words and phrases that you can use in place of the word “fig”. From “fruit” and “pome” to “drupe” and “jammy”, you are sure to find the perfect synonym for your needs. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, these words and phrases are sure to help you find the best fit for your project. Don’t forget to check out our other word and phrase lists for more ideas and synonyms.