Synonyms for FERNS:

1. Filmy ferns
2. Bristle ferns
3. Asplenium
4. Polypodiaceae
5. Lygodium
6. Marattiaceae
7. Ophioglossaceae
8. Equisetaceae
9. Cyatheaceae
10. Dryopteridaceae
11. Wood ferns
12. Osmundaceae
13. Pteridaceae
14. Marsileaceae
15. Polypodiopsida
16. Schizaeaceae
17. Blechnaceae
18. Lycopodiaceae
19. Psilotaceae
20. Hymenophyllaceae
20. Sphenophyllaceae
21. Adiantaceae
22. Gleicheniaceae
23. Nephrolepidaceae
24. Salviniales
25. Isoetaceae
26. Dicksoniaceae
27. Osmundales
28. Cycadofilicales
29. Gleicheniales
30. Hymenophyllales

Looking for the best ideas and other words for ferns? Look no further! There are a variety of ferns to choose from, including filmy ferns, bristle ferns, Asplenium, Polypodiaceae, Lygodium, Marattiaceae, Ophioglossaceae, Equisetaceae, Cyatheaceae, wood ferns, Osmundaceae, Pteridaceae, Marsileaceae, Polypodiopsida, Schizaeaceae, Blechnaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Psilotaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Sphenophyllaceae, Adiantaceae, Gleicheniaceae, Nephrolepidaceae, Salviniales, Isoetaceae, Dicksoniaceae, Osmundales, Cycadofilicales, Gleicheniales, and Hymenophyllales. Each of these ferns has unique characteristics and can make a great addition to any garden. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance fern or a more ornamental variety, you are sure to find the perfect fern for your needs.