1. Replacement
2. Substitute
3. Alternate
4. Variant
5. Deputize
6. Exchange
7. Counterpart
8. Surrogate
9. Facsimile
10. Imitation
11. Lookalike
12. Similitude
13. Duplicate
14. Avatar
15. Carbon copy
16. Doppelganger
17. Analog
18. Clone
19. Paraphrase
20. Phraseology
21. Rewording
22. Reiteration
23. Reduplication
24. Rephrasing
25. Reiterance
26. Echo
27. Rescript
28. Rehash
29. Synonym
30. Facsimile

When looking for other words for Fenton, there are a variety of options available. Whether it is a replacement, substitute, alternate, variant, surrogate, imitation, lookalike, similitude, duplicate, analog, clone, paraphrase, phraseology, rewording, reiteration, reduplication, rephrasing, reiterance, echo, rescript, rehash, synonym, or facsimile, there is a perfect synonym to fit any situation. Finding the best ideas for synonyms for Fenton can be difficult, but with these 30 options, the right word can be found. Whether it is for a writing project, a speech, or a conversation, these synonyms can be used to make any situation more interesting and creative.