Synonyms for “Feeling”:

1. Emotion
2. Sensation
3. Impression
4. Mood
5. Perception
6. Attitude
7. Reaction
8. Impulse
9. Vibes
10. Ache
11. Intuition
12. Hunch
13. Sentiment
14. Affect
15. Reverie
16. Belief
17. Response
18. Instinct
19. Notion
20. Awareness
21. Animosity
22. Affection
23. Intensity
24. Impulse
25. Disposition
26. Reaction
27. Sentimentality
28. Pique
29. Reaction
30. Temperament

Finding the perfect synonym for the word “feeling” can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for other words for emotion, sentiment, or attitude, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ideas for synonyms for “feeling” that will help you express yourself better. From affection to animosity, perception to pique, and everything in between, these synonyms for “feeling” are sure to get your message across. Whether you’re writing a poem, a song, or just trying to find the right words to express yourself, these synonyms for “feeling” will help you capture the emotion you’re trying to convey.