1. Plump
2. Obese
3. Corpulent
4. Chubby
5. Overweight
6. Bulky
7. Stout
8. Paunchy
9. Beefy
10. Gross
11. Pudgy
12. Rotund
13. Flabby
14. Roly-poly
15. Potbellied
16. Blubbery
17. Ponderous
18. Well-padded
19. Corpulent
20. Plethoric
21. Heavy
22. Large
23. Lush
24. Sturdy
25. Robust
26. Ample
27. Flaccid
28. Lardaceous
29. Fatty
30. Adipose

Finding synonyms for the word ‘fat’ can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for a more descriptive word to use in a creative writing piece or you are in need of a term to replace the word ‘fat’ in a professional setting, these ideas can help. Here is a list of the best synonyms for the word ‘fat’ – plump, obese, corpulent, chubby, overweight, bulky, stout, paunchy, beefy, gross, pudgy, rotund, flabby, roly-poly, potbellied, blubbery, ponderous, well-padded, corpulent, plethoric, heavy, large, lush, sturdy, robust, ample, flaccid, lardaceous, fatty, and adipose. All of these words can be used to describe something as being large or having excess weight. With this list of synonyms, you can find the perfect word to fit whatever situation you are in.