1. Quicker
2. Speedier
3. Expeditious
4. Nimble
5. Swift
6. Speedy
7. Hasty
8. Rapid
9. Prompt
10. Brisk
11. Quick
12. Express
13. Accelerated
14. Flying
15. Breakneck
16. Fleet
17. Flying
18. Blistering
19. Instantaneous
20. Double-time
21. Lightning
22. Sprightly
23. Alacritous
24. Breakneck
25. Snappy
26. Hurried
27. Expedited
28. Rapidly
29. Fleet-footed
30. Quick-paced

Finding the best synonyms for the word “Faster” can be a challenge, but luckily there are plenty of resources available to help. Whether you are looking for synonyms for a creative writing project, a speech, or a research paper, there are many ideas to consider. For starters, words like quicker, speedier, expeditious, nimble, swift, and speedy are all great synonyms to use. Other words such as hasty, rapid, prompt, and brisk can also be used to convey the same meaning. Additionally, words such as accelerated, flying, breakneck, and fleet can be used to further emphasize the idea of speed. For more creative ideas, words such as instantaneous, double-time, lightning, and sprightly can be used to capture the essence of “faster”. Finally, words such as snappy, hurried, expedited, and fleet-footed can be used to round out the list of synonyms for “faster”. With so many great ideas to choose from, finding the best synonyms for “faster” should be a breeze.