1. Attached
2. Secured
3. Affixed
4. Fixed
5. Bolted
6. Bound
7. Linked
8. Clasped
9. Coupled
10. Connected
11. Lashed
12. Bound
13. Clutched
14. Locked
15. Tied
16. Strapped
17. Linked
18. Belted
19. Clamped
20. Braced
21. Joined
22. Fastened up
23. Hooked
24. Sealed
25. Nailed
26. Secured
27. Buttoned
28. Zipped
29. Knotted
30. Buckled

Are you looking for other words to express the concept of fastening? Synonyms for fastened are a great way to vary your vocabulary and make your writing more interesting. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for fastened that you can use in your writing. Attached, secured, affixed, fixed, bolted, bound, linked, clasped, coupled, connected, lashed, bound, clutched, locked, tied, strapped, linked, belted, clamped, braced, joined, fastened up, hooked, sealed, nailed, secured, buttoned, zipped, knotted, and buckled are all great words to use when you’re looking for a synonym for fastened. With these words, you can easily express the concept of fastening in your writing without using the same word every time.