1. Stylish
2. Trendy
3. In Vogue
4. Modish
5. Chic
6. Smart
7. Classy
8. Glamorous
9. Elegant
10. Up-to-date
11. Latest
12. Modern
13. Contemporary
14. Current
15. Popular
16. Suave
17. Sleek
18. Vibrant
19. Glitzy
20. Dapper
21. Snazzy
22. Dashing
23. Sophisticated
24. Hip
25. Cool
26. Fancy
27. Swanky
28. Refined
29. In Fashion
30. Flattering

When trying to find the best synonyms for the word “fashionable”, it can be difficult to decide which words to choose. Whether you’re looking for another word for fashionable, other words for fashionable, or the best ideas, there are plenty of options. Some of the most popular synonyms for fashionable include stylish, trendy, in vogue, modish, chic, and smart. Other great choices are classy, glamorous, elegant, up-to-date, latest, modern, and contemporary. For a more unique selection, try suave, sleek, vibrant, glitzy, dapper, snazzy, dashing, sophisticated, hip, cool, fancy, swanky, refined, in fashion, and flattering. All of these words are perfect for describing something fashionable and stylish.