1. Estates
2. Plantations
3. Homesteads
4. Acreages
5. Holdings
6. Ranches
7. Manors
8. Domains
9. Holdings
10. Properties
11. Spreads
12. Stations
13. Farmscapes
14. Cultivations
15. Plantages
16. Ranchos
17. Granges
18. Estancias
19. Orchards
20. Vineyards
21. Dairy Farms
22. Paddocks
23. Market Gardens
24. Plantations
25. Stock Farms
26. Plantocracies
27. Crofts
28. Plantocracies
29. Farmsteads
30. Homesteads

Finding the right word to describe a farm can be difficult. Whether you are looking for a synonym for a farm or other words to describe a farm, this list is sure to provide you with the best ideas. This list of synonyms for farms includes estates, plantations, homesteads, acreages, holdings, ranches, manors, domains, properties, spreads, stations, farmscapes, cultivations, plantages, ranchos, granges, estancias, orchards, vineyards, dairy farms, paddocks, market gardens, plantations, stock farms, plantocracies, crofts, farmsteads, and homesteads. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for farms, you can find the perfect word to express your ideas.