1. Tariff
2. Cost
3. Price
4. Charge
5. Expense
6. Toll
7. Fee
8. Stipend
9. Levy
10. Honorarium
11. Bill
12. Tribute
13. Assessment
14. Compensation
15. Remuneration
16. Wages
17. Allowance
18. Compensation
19. Quota
20. Subsidy
21. Tribute
22. Tax
23. Dues
24. Tally
25. Farewell
26. Fare
27. Salutation
28. Greeting
29. Welcome
30. Adieu

Are you looking for synonyms for the word ‘fare’? There are a number of great ideas for substituting the word ‘fare’ with other words or phrases. Here are some of the best synonyms for ‘fare’: tariff, cost, price, charge, expense, toll, fee, stipend, levy, honorarium, bill, tribute, assessment, compensation, remuneration, wages, allowance, compensation, quota, subsidy, tribute, tax, dues, tally, farewell, salutation, greeting, welcome, and adieu. Each of these words can be used in a variety of contexts to replace the word ‘fare’. Whether you’re writing a letter, crafting a speech, or simply having a conversation, these synonyms for ‘fare’ are sure to come in handy.