1. Distant
2. Remote
3. Elongated
4. Extended
5. Separated
6. Removed
7. Distanced
8. Extended
9. Long
10. Wide
11. Far-off
12. Vast
13. Broad
14. Prolonged
15. Divided
16. Distinct
17. Wide-ranging
18. Long-distance
19. Spacious
20. Unconnected
21. Disconnected
22. Extended
23. Extended
24. Unrelated
25. Long-drawn-out
26. Unconnected
27. Detached
28. Alienated
29. Disjointed
30. Separated

When looking for the best ideas for other words for “far,” there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for the word “far” can range from simple words like “distant” and “remote” to more complex words like “elongated” and “divided.” No matter what the context, there are plenty of synonyms for “far” that can be used to describe a variety of different situations. Whether it’s describing a physical distance or a metaphorical one, synonyms for “far” can be used to help express the idea in a more concise and accurate way. From “long-distance” to “unrelated,” there are plenty of synonyms for “far” that can help to bring clarity and precision to any conversation.