1. Pixie
2. Sprite
3. Imp
4. Brownie
5. Elf
6. Gnome
7. Nymph
8. Sylph
9. Goblin
10. Leprechaun
11. Fawn
12. Undine
13. Dryad
14. Naiad
15. Fairy Godmother
16. Fairy Queen
17. Fairy Princess
18. Goblin King
19. Goblin Queen
20. Fairy Tale Character
21. Faerie
22. Faery
23. Fae
24. Fata
25. Fey
26. Peri
27. Puck
28. Tinkerbell
29. Gremlin
30. Hobgoblin

Are you looking for synonyms for the word ‘fairy’? There are many great ideas for words that can be used in place of ‘fairy’, such as pixie, sprite, imp, brownie, elf, gnome, nymph, sylph, goblin, leprechaun, fawn, undine, dryad, naiad, fairy godmother, fairy queen, fairy princess, goblin king, goblin queen, fairy tale character, faerie, faery, fae, fata, fey, peri, puck, tinkerbell, gremlin, and hobgoblin. These are all great words to use when you want to refer to the same thing as ‘fairy’, but in a different way.