Synonyms for “Fair”:

1. Impartial
2. Just
3. Reasonable
4. Balanced
5. Equitable
6. Proper
7. Right
8. Objective
9. Legitimate
10. Unbiased
11. Honest
12. Straight
13. Square
14. Aboveboard
15. Unprejudiced
16. Neutral
17. Disinterested
18. Nonpartisan
19. Unbigoted
20. Uncolored
21. Unfavoring
22. Unjaundiced
23. Unopinionated
24. Unpartizan
25. Unpredjudiced
26. Unvarnished
27. Unwarped
28. Unwilling
29. Fair-minded
30. Equable

Finding synonyms for the word “fair” can be difficult, as there are so many possible words that could be used. However, it is important to use a variety of synonyms to ensure that the writing is varied and interesting. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “fair”: impartial, just, reasonable, balanced, equitable, proper, right, objective, legitimate, unbiased, honest, straight, square, aboveboard, unprejudiced, neutral, disinterested, nonpartisan, unbigoted, uncolored, unfavoring, unjaundiced, unopinionated, unpartizan, unpredjudiced, unvarnished, unwarped, unwilling, fair-minded, and equable. These words can be used to effectively replace “fair” in any writing, and will ensure that the writing is varied and interesting.