1. Truths
2. Evidence
3. Data
4. Information
5. Details
6. Statistics
7. Reality
8. Verity
9. Certainty
10. Assertions
11. Statements
12. Knowledge
13. Axioms
14. Postulates
15. Propositions
16. Findings
17. Details
18. Discoveries
19. Notions
20. Verification
21. Affirmation
22. Demonstration
23. Reality
24. Demonstrations
25. Justification
26. Certitude
27. Assurances
28. Demonstrations
29. Validation
30. Confirmation

When searching for the best ideas and other words for facts, it is important to keep in mind that facts are verifiable truths. They are the basis of any argument or discussion and are essential for understanding the world around us. Synonyms for facts include evidence, data, information, details, statistics, reality, verity, certainty, assertions, statements, knowledge, axioms, postulates, propositions, findings, details, discoveries, notions, verification, affirmation, demonstration, reality, justification, certitude, assurances, demonstrations, validation, and confirmation. All of these words are used to describe facts and can be used interchangeably to provide clarity and understanding when discussing a particular topic.