1. Reality
2. Verity
3. Certainty
4. Truth
5. Authenticity
6. Validity
7. Genuineness
8. Accuracy
9. Precision
10. Exactness
11. Reality
12. Veracity
13. Credibility
14. Legitimacy
15. Trustworthiness
16. Certitude
17. Assurance
18. Conviction
19. Confidence
20. Basis
21. Groundwork
22. Foundation
23. Axiom
24. Postulate
25. Principle
26. Theorem
27. Verification
28. Demonstration
29. Documentation
30. Evidence

Finding synonyms for the word “fact” can be difficult when you are looking for the best ideas. However, there are many other words and phrases that can be used to express the same idea. For example, instead of using “fact”, you could use words such as “reality”, “verity”, “certainty”, “truth”, “authenticity”, “validity”, “genuineness”, “accuracy”, “precision”, “exactness”, “veracity”, “credibility”, “legitimacy”, “trustworthiness”, “certitude”, “assurance”, “conviction”, “confidence”, “basis”, “groundwork”, “foundation”, “axiom”, “postulate”, “principle”, “theorem”, “verification”, “demonstration”, “documentation”, and “evidence”. These words all convey the same meaning as “fact”, but can be used to express the idea in a more creative and interesting way.