Synonyms for «FACES»:
1. Visages
2. Masks
3. Countenances
4. Complexions
5. Physiognomies
6. Features
7. Profiles
8. Visages
9. Dialects
10. Mugs
11. Pusses
12. Miens
13. Physiognomies
14. Likenesses
15. Lineaments
16. Personas
17. Aspects
18. Appearances
19. Simulacra
20. Images
21. Representations
22. Visages
23. Facades
24. Facsimiles
25. Facsimiles
26. Expressions
27. Portraits
28. Resemblances
29. Mugshots
30. Visages

Finding the right words to express your thoughts and ideas can be difficult. Synonyms are a great way to make sure that your writing is varied and interesting. For example, instead of using the word «faces» over and over again, you can use synonyms like «visages,» «countenances,» or «likenesses» to keep your writing fresh. If you’re looking for the best ideas for synonyms for «faces,» look no further. This list of 30 synonyms offers a range of options that can help you find the perfect word for your writing. From «mugs» and «miens» to «expressions» and «portraits,» you can find the right word to express your ideas. Whether you’re writing a story, article, or essay, these synonyms for «faces» can help you create a well-written and interesting piece of writing.