1. Prolonged
2. Expanded
3. Lengthened
4. Dilated
5. Amplified
6. Augmented
7. Widened
8. Spread
9. Protracted
10. Stretched
11. Prolong
12. Expatiate
13. Prodigious
14. Magnified
15. Enlarged
16. Prolongate
17. Spread out
18. Diffuse
19. Elongate
20. Distended
21. Broadened
22. Eked out
23. Outstretched
24. Extended
25. Unfolded
26. Prolongation
27. Outspanned
28. Spread-eagled
29. Expanded out
30. Outspread

Finding the best synonyms for the word “extended” can be a challenging task. There are many words that can be used to replace “extended”, such as prolonged, expanded, lengthened, dilated, amplified, augmented, widened, spread, protracted, stretched, prolong, expatiate, prodigious, magnified, enlarged, prolongate, spread out, diffuse, elongate, distended, broadened, eked out, outstretched, extended, unfolded, prolongation, outspanned, spread-eagled, expanded out, and outspread. With these words, you can create a variety of ideas and descriptions that are sure to capture any audience. Whether you are writing a story, article, or blog post, using these synonyms is sure to make your writing stand out.