1. Unveiled
2. Uncloaked
3. Uncovered
4. Disclosed
5. Divulged
6. Revealed
7. Bared
8. Unmasked
9. Exposed
10. Uncased
11. Unsheathed
12. Expatiated
13. Manifest
14. Disclothed
15. Unconcealed
16. Undisguised
17. Unscreened
18. Uncovered
19. Laid bare
20. Brought to light
21. Expounded
22. Unveiled
23. Set forth
24. Unshrouded
25. Unprotected
26. Unwrapped
27. Unveiled
28. Uncurtain
29. Unhided
30. Uncloaked

When you’re looking for another way to say «exposed,» there are many synonyms that can be used to vary your language. From «unveiled» and «uncloaked» to «disclosed» and «divulged,» there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for the best ideas, consider using words like «revealed,» «bared,» and «unmasked.» All of these words help to convey the idea that something has been made visible that was previously hidden. Whether you’re writing a story or a blog post, these synonyms for «exposed» can help to make your writing more interesting and varied.