1. Clarifies
2. Elucidates
3. Defines
4. Describes
5. Illustrates
6. Outlines
7. Details
8. Specifies
9. Expatiates
10. Explicates
11. Narrates
12. Informs
13. Discloses
14. Defines
15. Demonstrates
16. Depicts
17. Unveils
18. Explores
19. Analyzes
20. Unfolds
21. Clarifies
22. Demonstrates
23. Articulates
24. Uncovers
25. Breaks Down
26. Unravels
27. Deciphers
28. Interprets
29. Edifies
30. Communicates

Searching for synonyms of the word “explains” can help you to add variety and interest to your writing. Whether you’re writing a story, essay, or blog post, using synonyms can help you to make your writing more engaging and interesting. When you’re looking for synonyms for the word “explains”, some of the best ideas include “clarifies”, “elucidates”, “defines”, “describes”, “illustrates”, “outlines”, “details”, “specifies”, “expatiates”, and “explicates”. Other words for “explains” include “narrates”, “informs”, “discloses”, “demonstrates”, “depicts”, “unveils”, “explores”, “analyzes”, “unfolds”, “articulates”, “uncovers”, “breaks down”, “unravels”, “deciphers”, “interprets”, “edifies”, and “communicates”. Using synonyms for “explains” can help to create a more engaging and interesting reading experience for your audience. With the right selection of words, you can make your writing more vivid and captivating.