1. Trials
2. Tests
3. Assays
4. Investigations
5. Evaluations
6. Studies
7. Probes
8. Surveys
9. Queries
10. Examinations
11. Inspections
12. Assessments
13. Analyses
14. Scrutinies
15. Inquiries
16. Checkups
17. Observation
18. Research
19. Endeavors
20. Ventures
21. Projects
22. Ventures
23. Assignments
24. Investigations
25. Experiments
26. Probes
27. Scrutinies
28. Inspections
29. Evaluations
30. Assays

When it comes to finding the best ideas for experiments, it is important to consider the synonyms for the word. Some of the most common synonyms for experiments include trials, tests, assays, investigations, evaluations, studies, probes, surveys, queries, examinations, inspections, assessments, analyses, scrutinies, inquiries, checkups, observation, research, endeavors, ventures, projects, assignments, and probes. Each of these words has its own nuances and can provide a unique perspective on the idea of experimentation. For example, an inquiry may suggest a more open-ended approach, while an evaluation may suggest a more structured approach. It is important to consider all of these synonyms when brainstorming ideas for experiments.