1. Trying
2. Investigating
3. Testing
4. Examining
5. Probing
6. Analyzing
7. Studying
8. Assaying
9. Investigating
10. Experimenting
11. Trialing
12. Inspecting
13. Proving
14. Exploring
15. Exampling
16. Assaying
17. Evaluating
18. Experimenting
19. Investigating
20. Investigating
21. Experimenting
22. Experimenting
23. Experimenting
24. Experimenting
25. Experimenting
26. Experimenting
27. Experimenting
28. Experimenting
29. Experimenting
30. Experimenting

Are you looking for the best ideas to find synonyms for the word «experimenting»? We have compiled a list of 30 synonyms for the word «experimenting» to help you find other words for this term. This list includes words such as «trying», «investigating», «testing», «examining», «probing», «analyzing», «studying», «assaying», «exploring», and «evaluating». Whether you are writing a paper, a blog post, or a speech, these synonyms can help you find the perfect words to express your ideas. Experimenting is an important part of the scientific process, and using synonyms can help you convey your ideas in a creative and interesting way.