1. Test
2. Trial
3. Exploration
4. Investigation
5. Inquiry
6. Analysis
7. Study
8. Examination
9. Assay
10. Research
11. Probe
12. Experimentation
13. Venture
14. Pursuit
15. Endeavor
16. Analysis
17. Query
18. Experimentum
19. Attempt
20. Exercise
21. Operation
22. Activity
23. Investigation
24. Practice
25. Check
26. Exercise
27. Research
28. Probe
29. Exploration
30. Investigation

When searching for the best ideas for a project, it is important to consider synonyms for the word “experiment”. Other words for experiment include test, trial, exploration, inquiry, analysis, study, examination, assay, research, probe, experimentation, venture, pursuit, endeavor, analysis, query, experimentum, attempt, exercise, operation, activity, investigation, practice, check, exercise, research, probe, exploration, and investigation. Each of these words can be used to describe the process of experimentation, and they can be used to describe a variety of different types of experiments. Depending on the type of experiment being conducted, it may be beneficial to use different words to accurately describe the process. By considering the best ideas for a project and researching the various synonyms for the word “experiment”, it is possible to accurately describe the process of experimentation.