1. Enduring
2. Undergoing
3. Going through
4. Facing
5. Meeting
6. Living
7. Suffering
8. Tolerating
9. Enduring
10. Encountering
11. Accepting
12. Bearing
13. Experiencing
14. Tasting
15. Knowing
16. Observing
17. Perceiving
18. Detecting
19. Discovering
20. Feeling
21. Enduring
22. Surviving
23. Supporting
24. Enduring
25. Sustaining
26. Encountering
27. Ingesting
28. Apprehending
29. Perceiving
30. Detecting

When searching for different words to describe the concept of ‘experiencing’, you can find the best ideas in a variety of sources. Synonyms for ‘experiencing’ include ‘enduring’, ‘undergoing’, ‘going through’, ‘facing’, ‘meeting’, ‘living’, ‘suffering’, ‘tolerating’, ‘encountering’, ‘accepting’, ‘bearing’, ‘tasting’, ‘knowing’, ‘observing’, ‘perceiving’, ‘detecting’, ‘discovering’, ‘feeling’, ‘surviving’, ‘supporting’, ‘sustaining’, ‘ingesting’, ‘apprehending’, and ‘detecting’. These are all other words for ‘experiencing’ that can be used to express the same idea in a variety of ways. With this list of synonyms, you can find the best words and ideas to describe the concept of ‘experiencing’.