Synonyms for EXPERIENCE:

1. Endure
2. Feel
3. Live through
4. Have
5. Undergo
6. Sample
7. Meet
8. Witness
9. Suffer
10. Be exposed to
11. Come to know
12. Participate in
13. Taste
14. Know
15. Be acquainted with
16. Have dealings with
17. Familiarize oneself with
18. Be versed in
19. Be schooled in
20. Have knowledge of
21. Be initiated into
22. Go through
23. Be present at
24. Be part of
25. Go through
26. Encounter
27. Have exposure to
28. Be familiar with
29. Have a go at
30. Know from experience

If you are looking for other words for experience, there are plenty of ideas to consider. Synonyms for experience can range from words such as ‘endure’ and ‘feel’ to ‘undergo’ and ‘participate in’. Other words for experience can also include ‘taste’, ‘meet’, and ‘witness’. Depending on the context, the best synonym for experience can vary. It is important to choose the most accurate word to convey the desired meaning. Whether you are looking for a single word or multiple words, there are plenty of synonyms for experience that can help you get your message across.