1. Admonished
2. Advised
3. Encouraged
4. Entreated
5. Implored
6. Incited
7. Inculcated
8. Instigated
9. Pestered
10. Pleaded
11. Preached
12. Prescribed
13. Prodded
14. Prompted
15. Propagated
16. Proselytized
17. Recommended
18. Reminded
19. Reproved
20. Urged
21. Cajoled
22. Counseled
23. Goaded
24. Harangued
25. Lectured
26. Nagged
27. Persuaded
28. Pushed
29. Stimulated
30. Stirred

When searching for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «exhorted», there are many options available. Synonyms for exhorted include admonished, advised, encouraged, entreated, implored, incited, inculcated, instigated, pestered, pleaded, preached, prescribed, prodded, prompted, propagated, proselytized, recommended, reminded, reproved, urged, cajoled, counseled, goaded, harangued, lectured, nagged, persuaded, pushed, stimulated, and stirred. These words can be used to replace exhorted in any context, making them very useful for anyone looking for other words for exhorted. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase to replace exhorted, these synonyms are sure to provide the best ideas for your needs.