1. Showing
2. Demonstrating
3. Manifesting
4. Exposing
5. Flaunting
6. Displaying
7. Representing
8. Illustrating
9. Exemplifying
10. Demonstrating
11. Evincing
12. Exhibiting
13. Indicating
14. Revealing
15. Exposing
16. Unveiling
17. Disclosing
18. Exerting
19. Exalting
20. Publishing
21. Exposing
22. Unmasking
23. Exclaiming
24. Emphasizing
25. Highlighting
26. Making known
27. Proclaiming
28. Representing
29. Showing forth
30. Uncovering

When you are looking for synonyms for the word «exhibiting», there are a number of ideas to consider. The best words to use are those that are related to the concept of displaying, demonstrating, or revealing something. Some of the top synonyms for exhibiting include showing, demonstrating, manifesting, exposing, flaunting, displaying, representing, illustrating, exemplifying, evincing, indicating, revealing, and unveiling. Other words for exhibiting include exerting, exalting, publishing, unmasking, exclaiming, emphasizing, highlighting, making known, proclaiming, representing, showing forth, and uncovering. All of these words can be used to describe the act of exhibiting.