1. Applied
2. Utilized
3. Practiced
4. Carried Out
5. Employed
6. Administered
7. Operated
8. Wielded
9. Imposed
10. Discharged
11. Administrated
12. Executed
13. Administered
14. Invoked
15. Implemented
16. Administrated
17. Utilised
18. Exercised
19. Practised
20. Administered
21. Asserted
22. Mobilized
23. Brought To Bear
24. Brought Into Play
25. Put Into Action
26. Put To Use
27. Deployed
28. Exercised
29. Applied
30. Implemented

Finding the right synonym for a specific word can be a challenge. Whether you need to find a synonym for «exerted» for a writing assignment or to improve your vocabulary, there are a variety of options available. The best ideas for synonyms for «exerted» include words such as applied, utilized, practiced, carried out, employed, administered, operated, wielded, imposed, discharged, invoked, and implemented. Other words to consider are asserted, mobilized, brought to bear, brought into play, put into action, put to use, deployed, and exercised. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, there are plenty of synonyms for «exerted» to choose from.