1. Drills
2. Routines
3. Practices
4. Activities
5. Regimens
6. Workouts
7. Calisthenics
8. Exertions
9. Efforts
10. Tasks
11. Programs
12. Occupations
13. Assignments
14. Drudgeries
15. Occupations
16. Calisthenics
17. Gymnastics
18. Aerobics
19. Endeavors
20. Exertions
21. Labors
22. Occupations
23. Stunts
24. Travails
25. Trials
26. Toils
27. Occupations
28. Endeavors
29. Struggles
30. Tasks

Searching for the best ideas to keep a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to find different ways to exercise. Whether you are looking for a new way to stay fit or just want to shake up your current routine, there are many other words for exercise that can help you find the perfect fit. Synonyms for the word “exercises” include drills, routines, practices, activities, regimens, workouts, calisthenics, exertions, efforts, tasks, programs, occupations, assignments, drudgeries, gymnastics, aerobics, endeavors, labors, stunts, travails, trials, toils, struggles, and more. Finding the best exercises for you and your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a struggle. With a wide variety of other words for exercise, you can find the perfect fit for your health and fitness goals.